Water Watch | Orange Water and Sewer Authority

Water Watch for 9/29/2016

Cane Creek Resovoir OWASA's water supply is stored in the Cane Creek Reservoir, University Lake and the Quarry Reservoir. OWASA also has a future water supply allocation from Jordan Lake.

Our reservoirs are 93.40 % full.

There are 454 days of water supply remaining based on recent demand and no further rainfall.

Rainfall in Carrboro (inches)
Yesterday: 1.20
Month: 7.56
Past 12 Months: 70.05
Annual Avg: 46.51
Risk of Drought Shortage
Water Use RestrictionsCurrently in Effect
Year-Round Restrictions
Water Treatment Plant Water from the reservoirs is treated at OWASA's Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant. Drinking water is provided to the Carrboro/Chapel Hill community through about 400 miles of pipe and storage tanks.
Customer Demand (million gallons per day)
Yesterday: 7.232
Past 30 Days: 7.34
Projected this Month: 7.56
Reclaimed Water Reclaimed water is the clean water produced by advanced treatment of wastewater at OWASA's Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant which is used by the University for non-drinking purposes on the main campus.
Customer Demand (million gallons per day)
Yesterday: 1.86
Past 30 Days: 1.97
Projected this Month: 0.98