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Committees of the OWASA Board


The Finance Committee works with staff and the overall OWASA Board to develop the annual budget and makes recommendations on other financial management matters such as selection of an outside auditor, development and revision of fiscal policies and planning debt issues. The members of the Finance Committee are John Young, Chair; Terri Buckner; Michael M. Hughes, P.E.; Heather Payne; and Amy Witsil.

      Agendas and Meeting Summaries 

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee discusses and makes reports and recommendations on policies related to employment, benefits and overall compensation of OWASA employees. Committee Members are Board Members Will Raymond, Chair; Michael M. Hughes, P.E.; and John Young.

         Agendas and Meeting Summaries 

Natural Resources and Technical Systems

The Natural Resources and Technical Systems Committee discusses, reports and makes recommendations to the OWASA Board regarding policy matters such as long-range planning, water conservation, sustainability, capital improvements and the use of technology. The members of the Committee are Board Members Terri Buckner, Chair; Steve DearMichael M. Hughes, P.E.; Heather PayneWill RaymondJohn Young; and Amy Witsil.

         Agendas and Meeting Summaries

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Committee makes reports and recommendations to the OWASA Board regarding communications with customers and other stakeholders. The members of the  Committee are Board Members Steve Dear, Chair; Terri Buckner; and Will Raymond. To read the Committee's goals, please click here

         Agendas and Meeting Summaries