Plans to replace water line on Brandywine Road in 2017

Purpose: to maintain reliable service including water for fire protection when needed.

What the work will involve: digging trenches, installing iron pipes, connecting the new line to meters along it, refilling the trench as work proceeds, restoring pavement where new pipes are installed, etc.

Timetable (estimate subject to change): We expect this work will begin in summer 2017 and will send more information including the timing of the project and how it will affect customers in the early spring of 2017.

Checking the location of existing pipes by digging into the street (late December-early January)

Starting on December 28, 2016, employees of our consulting engineers (McKim and Creed) will dig small circular holes in the street at various spots along Brandywine to check the location of existing pipes. The holes will be patched and the work areas will be cleaned up.

This work, which should be complete in the first week of January 2017, is needed to design the water pipe replacement.

There will be some noise and one traffic lane will be closed in the work area. Two-way traffic will be maintained.  

Location of water line replacement

Interested in having a neighborhood meeting on our plans?

If you and other residents and property owners are interested, we would be glad to arrange a meeting to provide information about our plans and to receive and reply to your comments and questions. However, we would be glad to meet with individual residents or owners even if there is not a neighborhood meeting.

Comments or questions? For future updates

Please feel free to contact Jeremy Rivenbark, P.E., Project Manager, at whenever you have any questions or comments and if you would like to receive updates by e-mail. You can also sign up for e-mail updates by going to We prefer e-mail because it saves postage, paper and time and it enables us to reach you quickly if necessary.

If you have renters at your property/ies near our project, please ask them to contact us if they have questions or comments or wish to be on our distribution list for future updates