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Taste Of Hope

Please help families in need by donating to the Taste Of Hope customer assistance program!

Taste of Hope

Many of us have the good fortune of being able to pay for essential services like water and sewer. However, being without water and sewer service can be a major event, especially for families with children.

We therefore invite you to help families in need through our automatic monthly donation program called "Taste of Hope." OWASA and the Inter-Faith Council  started this program in 1997 as a voluntary way for OWASA customers to help low and moderate-income families when they are unable to pay an OWASA bill.

Choosing a monthly donation

If  you sign up as a monthly donor, our bills will automatically include a donation chosen by you from two basic methods:

  • We can round up our bill to the nearest dollar amount--for example, from $69.26 to $70.00. The additional 74 cents would go to the Taste of Hope Fund.


  • You can select any whole dollar amount to add to our bills as the donation--for example, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, etc.

No administrative expense is deducted from Taste of Hope donations.

Sign up as a donor or change your donation amount

Please click here to  become a Taste of Hope donor or to change from the monthly bill round-up to a whole dollar donation.

Our partnership with the Inter-Faith Council

Taste of Hope donations are administered by the Inter-Faith Council (IFC), a non-profit agency which has helped local families in need since 1963. The IFC provides food, shelter, health, crisis intervention, utility bill assistance and other services to thousands of people each year. The IFC is a tax-exempt charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. Below is IFC's contact information.

110 West Main Street
Carrboro, NC 27510
Telephone: (919) 929-6380

If you prefer, you may donate directly to the IFC to support the Taste of Hope program. Please indicate on the check that the donation is for the Taste of Hope program.

Why doesn't OWASA use normal revenues to fund the Taste of Hope program?

We are required to use our water and sewer revenues only for public water and sewer purposes, which do not include financial aid to individuals or families. The Taste of Hope program is funded with voluntary donations.

Support for the Taste of Hope program...

A letter from UNC Women's Basketball Coach, Sylvia Hatchell

For a few cents each month, or more if you wish...

You can make a big difference at a crucial time for families with limited means. We invite you to call OWASA Customer Service at 537-4343 or send e-mail to Customer Service for more information or to sign up as a Taste of Hope donor, or sign up on-line

If you are not an OWASA customer and you want to contribute to the Taste of Hope program, we invite you to donate directly to the Inter-Faith Council at 110 West Main Street, Carrboro, NC 27510.