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Forestry Management

Water quality monitoring and forestry management on OWASA’s Cane Creek Reservoir Mitigation Property west of Buckhorn Road

Forestry management

In July 2013, we completed construction of an earthen access road and removable stream crossing on our 490-acre Cane Creek Reservoir Mitigation Tract. The road and stream crossing will allow us to continue our sustainable forest management activities at the site as required in the Forest Management Plan developed by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission based on requirements in the federal permit for the Cane Creek Reservoir. 

The access road and stream crossing work complied with NC Forestry Best Management Practices to protect water quality.  

An aerial view of the Cane Creek Reservoir Mitigation Property and the approximate location of the stream crossing can be found by clicking here.

The next step in forestry management on the Mitigation Tract will involve cutting trees on the portion of the property south of the stream.  This work will include leaving a forested buffer along much of the perimeter of the property, selectively cutting in hardwood stands to improve their quality, and harvesting some pine areas.  The largest pine area identified for final harvest is about eight acres. OWASA has selected a contractor to implement the plan on this portion of the Mitigation Tract; work has been temporarily postponed until there are drier weather conditions.

Water quality monitoring

OWASA is partnering with the NC Forest Service (NCFS) and other agencies to monitor water quality on the site. The photo below shows the flume and sampling stations (gray boxes) installed upstream and downstream of the planned stream crossing. The NCFS and USFS will use the data from this station to evaluate the effectiveness of forestry best management practices.

For more information about sustainable forest management on the Cane Creek Reservoir Mitigation Property, please contact Ruth Rouse, Planning and Development Manager, at 919-537-4214 or