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Protect pipes from freezing!

When winter comes, pipes in unheated areas such as the crawlspace or basement have the greatest chance of freezing. Keep cold air out by sealing openings and air leaks. If it's difficult to keep out the cool air, you can let a cold water faucet drip slowly to keep the water moving and reduce the potential for freezing. Learn more about how to prevent pipes from freezing at home.


The holiday season is here

If you’re searching for that perfect gift to share with someone, consider sharing the gift of water with a family that might not be able to afford it this month. Learn more about Care to Share, OWASA’s customer assistance program, and how you can help a family in your community. Care to Share is administered in partnership with the Inter-Faith Council for Social Services.


Jones Ferry Rd water main break repaired 

On the morning of November 5, 2018, a water main break occurred on Jones Ferry Rd which affected water storage levels and water pressure in the system. Customers in OWASA's service area were asked to conserve water over a 24-hour period, and boil water before consuming it for a 30-hour period. Storage levels are back-to-normal and customers are using water as usual. We are investigating the cause of the break and will share information as it becomes available. We are very sorry for the inconvenience the event caused. We understand the community seeks to know more. View answers to your frequently asked questions, a timeline, and detailed presentation about what happened during the event on the dedicated Jones Ferry Rd water main break information page.



OWASA is Carrboro-Chapel Hill's community-owned, non-profit agency providing high quality water, sewer (wastewater), and reclaimed water services. In partnership with communities we serve, we are responsible stewards of our community’s sustainable resources.

In employment, business operations including but not limited to contracting and in all services to the community, OWASA does not discriminate based on race,  creed,  color,  religion, gender, age, sexual  orientation, national origin or political affiliation. 

Our Customer Service Office is in our Administration Building at 400 Jones Ferry Road in Carrboro (next to the Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant and the Barnes Street-Jones Ferry Road intersection). Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We are closed on major holidays. Here is a map to our main offices.