OWASA's Releases New Design and Standards Manual, Service Availability Request Form

OWASA released an updated Manual of Specifications, Standards, and Design and. online Service Availability Request Form.

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OWASA Board of Directors Meeting Summary for July 8

OWASA’s Board of Directors met virtually on Thursday, July 8, 2021, and considered an agenda that included an update on recent diversity and inclusion work.

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OWASA Meets or Surpasses State and Federal Regulations, Annual Water Quality Report Card Shows

The annual water quality report card is an opportunity to highlight how OWASA measures up against drinking water regulations to ensure customers that the water being delivered to your home is safe to drink and meets all regulatory standards.

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Water is vital for everything.

We all play a role in conserving, protecting and sustaining this vital resource. On the lake, in the field, in the lab and at the office, OWASA’s diverse team proudly manages the community’s water and wastewater systems.

Marcus Fuller Keeps the Water Flowing

Valve Maintenance Crew Leader Marcus Fuller knows Carrboro-Chapel Hill’s water works inside and out. Over nearly two decades, he has helped to build, maintain and upgrade the community’s water system.

OWASA Board Recognizes Retiring Sherman Betts After 36 Years of Service

The OWASA Board of Directors recently honored longtime OWASA Team member Sherman Betts for his years of service to OWASA and the Carrboro-Chapel Hill-Orange County community ahead of his retirement at the end of May.

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