2018: record setting year for rainfall!

OWASA has access to 128 years of rainfall data in our area. In 2018, we recorded our highest year of rainfall on record, measuring 74.74 inches at the Water Treatment Plant in Carrboro (on Jones Ferry Road). This is 27.57 inches above the 128-year average of 47.17 inches per year.

We have also measured rainfall at our Cane Creek Reservoir since 1992, which has averaged 44.64 inches annually. 2018 was also the wettest year at Cane Creek where we measured 67.67 inches.

Curious about how much water the community uses? Check out Water Watch. OWASA’s Water Watch monitors the community’s daily water supply and projected demand levels. Today, Chapel Hill’s and Carrboro’s water sources – University Lake and Cane Creek Reservoir – are 100% full. We project that customers will use about 6.2 million gallons of water per day in the month of January.

Help sustain the community’s precious water resources and conserve water. For example, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and when you’re washing dishes. View the Ways to Save video to learn more conservation tips and how you can be a local water leader!