Testing the accuracy of an OWASA water meter

Upon request, we will be glad to test the accuracy of our water meter serving your residence or business.

If our meter has not been tested in the past five years OR if we find that the meter is inaccurate by more than plus or minus 1.5%, you will not be charged a fee for testing and we will replace the meter. If the test indicates that the meter is registering high – in other words, if the meter incorrectly shows more water use than you are actually using, we will adjust your bill accordingly. However, it is rare for a meter to register more water than is passing through it.

If our meter has been tested within the past five years AND proves to be accurate within plus or minus 1.5%, there will be a $100 charge for testing a standard 5/8" residential meter. Please contact Customer Service at 919-537-4343 or CustomerService for information on the charges for testing larger meters.