Save water and save money with Agua Vista! 

When do you use the most water? Track your water use with Agua Vista, the dedicated portal where you can view your daily water use and set leak alerts – savings for the planet and your pocketbook. 


Register your OWASA account number and start saving! Plus bookmark in your web browser for instant access. (Customers with existing online billing accounts with OWASA can use their current username and password to log into Agua Vista.)

Agua Vista offers the convenience of managing your water needs all in one place:

  • Track your water use by the hour, day, week, or month (s)
  • Get customized tips on how you can conserve water
  • Set up alerts for leaks and bill forecasts
  • Pay your current bill, plus view your billing history
  • Add family members and others to Agua Vista so they can track water use too
  • Login anywhere – from your desktop, tablet, or cell phone – your water data is always available

Agua Vista is a free service and part of OWASA’s commitment to ensuring you have the tools you need to manage your water use and your bill. Agua Vista means “water in sight”. When we see how much water we use and save, the more we can sustain this vital resource together.

Advanced Meters

Our new advanced meters use a radio network to transmit customer water use data to OWASA. This eliminates the need for visual inspection of water meters (decreasing our carbon footprint) and makes data more available to OWASA and you on a daily basis. For example, we can detect leaks more quickly to save water and costs for customers and the community. Supporting policies, such as on service initiation fees and leak notifications, have been introduced to support operations and empower customers to maximize the benefits of this new technology. 

OWASA has upgraded 21,000 water meters in Carrboro and Chapel Hill. This $5.4 million capital investment was made to improve customer service and create operational savings. Investing in water and wastewater infrastructure is investing in the community. Each year, OWASA invests about $20 million in capital improvement projects – upgrading pipes, pumps, equipment, and more – to increase system resiliency. 

OWASA is Carrboro‐Chapel Hill’s not‐for‐profit public service agency delivering high quality water, reclaimed water, and wastewater services. On the lake, in the field, at the lab and in the office, our diverse team manages the community’s water system. Together with the community, we conserve, protect, and sustain this vital resource.

Frequently Asked Questions