Annual Water Quality Report Card: OWASA Meets or Surpasses All State and Federal Regulations

OWASA is pleased to release the annual water quality report card for 2019 and announce that all State and Federal regulations were met or surpassed. Customers will be receiving a flyer in their mail that provides a snapshot of the year’s activity as well as a link to the full report card.

“It’s a whole team effort,” Water Treatment Plant Laboratory Supervisor Katie Harwell said in an interview about the annual report card in an interview with WCHL. “We have three lab analysts and then myself in the lab, and then we have eight plant operators — so we’re all doing testing. The analysts go out to the lakes and sample the water out of our source water before it’s received any treatment. We’re also testing the water once it’s made its way to the plant; the operators are testing the water continuously 24/7 to make sure that the processes are running smoothly.”

The annual water quality report card is our chance to provide detailed information about your drinking water: where it comes from, how it is treated, what we monitor for, and how our results compare with regulatory standards. We also want to highlight trending topics in water and introduce you to a bit more of the behind-the-scenes work going on every day to maintain reliable, high-quality service to our customers.

While we are happy to report that OWASA met all relevant regulations, we invite you to explore the information and learn more about what OWASA’s team is working on every day to serve customers.