On May 9th, OWASA became the ninth water utility in the U.S. to receive the “Excellence in Water Treatment” award from the Partnership for Safe Water.

The Partnership is a national program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other water resource organizations that encourage utilities to surpass federal water quality standards. 

“This award is a very significant achievement in OWASA’s ongoing work to meet stringent performance goals,” said Robert Cheng of the Partnership for Safe Water.

The Partnership includes more than 200 water utilities, which serve more than 85 million people, or over 60% of the U.S. population served by surface water sources such as reservoirs. Each utility in the Partnership has committed to enhancing drinking water quality and operational excellence in water treatment

Ken Loflin, our Water Supply and Treatment Manager, said “We have significantly improved the quality of drinking water provided to our customers through a philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’ that has been nurtured and fine-tuned at the Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant with nine years of diligent work.”

“Through this effort, the water treatment plant team has demonstrated a commitment to improving water quality beyond the current regulatory requirements.” 



Donors in our Taste of Hope Customer Assistance program can now choose to give any whole dollar amount per month ($1, $2, $5, $10 or more).

In the past, participating donors’ monthly bills have been rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the added amount goes to the Inter-Faith Council (IFC) to help families pay an OWASA bill.

This option is still available for all donors.

OWASA and the IFC founded the Taste of Hope Customer Assistance Program in 1997 to help low and moderate income families unable to pay an OWASA bill.


The IFC is a non-profit community service agency which has provided  crisis intervention, food, shelter and other services to local families in need since 1963.

OWASA cannot use its customer revenues to support or promote the Taste of Hope program, which is funded entirely with voluntary donations.

We can use our water and sewer revenues only for public water and sewer purposes, which do not include private financial assistance.

We encourage all customers who want to contribute a greater amount to the Taste of Hope program to consider the new “whole dollar” option.

Taste of Hope donations now total about $7,000 per year, and the IFC is able to help a family with an OWASA bill only once a year.

About 1,200 or 6% of OWASA’s 20,000 customers are now monthly donors in the Taste of Hope program.

If you wish to get more information, become a donor or increase your monthly donation, we invite you to:

  • Contact our Customer Service staff at 537-4343 or; or
  • Click here to sign up via our website, or here to get more information.


We invite you to choose electronic bill notices instead of paper bills. Paperless billing reduces postage and paper costs, saves trees and reduces energy use to produce or recycle paper and transport it.

Since the fall of 2010, about 1,800 OWASA customers have chosen electronic bills instead of paper billing.

To choose paperless billing, please go to our website,, click on Manage My Account, register (if you have not already) or sign-in, and select E-Billing under the Preferences tab.

The first time you visit Manage My Account, you will need to register with your 6-digit customer number, which is printed on OWASA bills as shown in the diagram below.

Each month, you will receive an e-mail notice from that your bill is ready to view on our website. (You may need to adjust your spam filter to receive electronic bill notices from

 Please call OWASA Customer Service at 537-4343 or send an e-mail to  if you have any questions or comments or need help.

Our on-line account information includes:

  • current balance,
  • the due date for the next payment,
  • current and past bills viewable in the format of our paper bills (new feature),
  • water/sewer use and billing history, 
  • e-mail confirmation of payments and
  • bills for OWASA service at past addresses (new feature).

You can pay bills on-line with a MasterCard or VISA credit/debit card, and you can choose to pay bills by automatic monthly drafts from your bank account.

To sign up for automatic drafting or for more information, please contact Customer Service at 537-4343 or; or visit our website (, click on Customer Service; and then click on Billing & Payments.

Customers who do not have Internet access have the option of 24-hour telephone access to account             information through our Customer Service line, 537-4343.

To use this line, enter your 8-digit location number and 6-digit customer number (please see the graphic above  and follow the prompts to get account information.