Summary of the OWASA Board Meeting on March 13, 2014

Please note: The summary below was prepared by OWASA staff and is not approved by the OWASA Board. Audio recordings of the OWASA Board’s meetings and the Board's minutes, when adopted, are available to citizens for review. Video recordings will be available when Board meetings resume at the Chapel Hill Town Hall later this year.

The Board adopted the Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2014 - 2017.  The Board’s action followed a public engagement process in which 13 citizens commented on the draft plan by e-mail and/or at a Board meeting on February 27th. The new Strategic Plan includes seven initiatives listed below, with related actions and measures of success.

1.     Provide reliable and high quality supply of water for the next 50 years

2.     Engage the community

3.     Implement a new customer billing and financial management system (if justified)

4.     Adopt financial management policies and budget decision processes to ensure affordable services and fiscal sustainability

5.     Implement an Energy Management Plan

6.     Implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure

7.     Develop a plan and policy framework for long-term management and disposition of OWASA lands

Amy Witsil, a member of the Board’s Finance Committee, reported on discussion regarding budget issues for the upcoming fiscal year. The Committee will meet next on March 27th.

Terry Buckner, Chair of the Natural Resources and Technical Systems Committee, reported on developing a charter as a starting point for updating OWASA’s Long-Range Water Supply Plan. The Committee will meet on April 2nd.

Steve Dear, Chair of the Community Engagement Committee, reported on consideration of a proposed pilot program for outreach to residential customers and multi-family property owners about how to lower water and sewer bills, and of a draft survey of other utilities regarding their community engagement and conservation outreach practices.

Will Raymond, Chair of the Human Resources Committee, reported on discussion of hiring a consultant to help with selecting future health and dental insurance coverage. The Committee will meet again on Tuesday, March 25.

The next OWASA Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 27th at 7 PM in the Community Room at the OWASA Administration Building, 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro. For more information, please see the agenda materials at /board-of-directors-meetings.