Care to Share Customer Assistance Program

Care to Share is our customer assistance program. The program works the same way as when it was called Taste of Hope. All money contributed goes directly to helping families in need pay for water and sewer service.

Please help families in need by donating to the Care to Share customer assistance program!

Many of us have the good fortune of being able to pay for essential services like water and sewer. However, some people in our community are less fortunate and are not able pay all of their bills each month. Being without water and sewer service can be a major event, especially for families with children.

Through the Care to Share program, you can help families in need pay their water and sewer bill when they can’t.

There are three ways you can contribute to Care to Share:

  • Contribute monthly through your OWASA bill.
  • Make a lump-sum gift.
  • Give an honorary/memorial gift.

Contributions are administered by the Inter-Faith Council for Social Services (IFC), a non-profit agency which has helped local families in need since 1963. IFC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Monthly contributions through your OWASA bill 

Make a monthly contribution to the Care to Share program through your OWASA bill. You have the option of adding a fixed amount to each month's bill or having us round up your bill to the nearest dollar. The amount of your contribution will appear on your monthly water and sewer bills.

Please click here to sign up as a donor or to increase your monthly donation.

Honorary/Memorial Gift 

Helping people in need is a great way to honor someone. To give in honor or in memory of someone special to you, visit IFC's Care to Share contribution website.

One-Time Gift 

To give a one-time gift in any amount to the program, visit IFC's Care to Share contribution website.

Thank you for helping local families in need through the Care to Share program!

Frequently Asked Questions and answers:

Are donations to the Care to Share program tax deductible?

Because IFC is a 501(c)(3) charity and OWASA is a public agency, donations may be deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

Can funds from the Care to Share program be used to repair leaks or to install water-conserving fixtures in the homes of families in need?

No. Care to Share funds may only be used to help customers in need pay their water and sewer bill.

Does OWASA deduct any administrative expenses from Care to Share donations?