In the 2010 calendar year, OWASA surpassed the Federal and State standards for drinking water quality. OWASA serves about 80,000 people in Chapel Hill-Carrboro community including the University of North Carolina and UNC Hospitals.

OWASA tested its water about 45,000 times in 2010 for more than 150 contaminants but only 13 were present at detectable levels, and all were below the limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

OWASA’s laboratory testing results in 2010 and related information on the community’s water sources and the drinking water treatment process are reported in the utility’s annual “Water Quality Report Card,” which is being mailed to OWASA customers and is available on OWASA’s website via the following link: 2010 Water Quality Report Card 

The report includes information about:

  • Improvement in the clearness of OWASA’s drinking water
  • The value and cost of water
  • OWASA’S water sources
  • OWASA’S water supply plans including Jordan Lake access
  • Testing for lead
  • Characteristics of OWASA’s water including its very low mineral content and disinfection with chlorine and ammonia.

OWASA will test any customer’s drinking water with no charge. For more information, customers are invited to contact Ms. Rachel Monschein, Laboratory Supervisor at the Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant, at 537-4227 or

For more information:

  • Rachel Monschein, Water Treatment Plant Laboratory Supervisor, 537-4227 or
  • Ken Loflin, Water Supply and Treatment Manager, 537-4232 or
  • OWASA website information about Drinking Water including the Partnership for Safe Water’s recent Excellence in Water Treatment award to OWASA