Capital Improvements Program


The CIP is the culmination of an annual process of capital needs assessment and prioritization completed as part of OWASA’s Asset Management Program. This five-year CIP outlines a $99 million plan for the community’s investment in its water, wastewater, and reclaimed water infrastructure and represents OWASA’s commitment to providing high quality and reliable service into the future.

As in prior CIPs, the vast majority of the FY 2019-2023 CIP is dedicated to the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure (roughly 84% for the five-year period), as opposed to system growth (3%), or system enhancements (13%). The CIP includes nearly $33 million for replacement of over 16 miles of aging water mains, $18 million for evaluation and rehabilitation of 15 miles of wastewater collection (sewer) mains, rehabilitation work at our water treatment plant ($13 million), wastewater treatment plant ($23 million), and water supply reservoirs ($8 million), along with rehabilitation or replacement of other assets throughout the system which are nearing the end of their useful life.

As implied by the summary above, renewal of the water distribution system is a major focus of this CIP, and the upcoming years will see major water main replacement projects in construction along Manning Drive, Cameron Avenue, Fordham Boulevard, Dobbins Drive, and in various neighborhoods throughout the service area. Other notable projects in this CIP include the completion of the Agua Vista metering initiative, rehabilitation of sedimentation basins at the water treatment plant, rehabilitation of the Rogerson Drive pump station, and improvements to the solids handling facility and headworks at the wastewater treatment plant.

Six CIP projects have been approved by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to receive low-interest loans in the total amount of nearly $15 million.

The CIP also includes funding for various needs assessments and planning efforts used to evaluate asset risks and to determine future capital investments required for the water distribution system, the wastewater collection system, water treatment plant, and the wastewater treatment plant.

For more information about the CIP, please contact Mr. Vishnu Gangadharan, P.E., Engineering Manager for Capital Projects at (919) 537-4248 or