Clean-out pipe and cap in a private sewer service line


A private sewer service pipe or “lateral” which carries wastewater to an OWASA sewer should have a vertical clean-out pipe with a removable cap.

The CLEAN-OUT PIPE makes it easier to do maintenance such as removing blockages from the lateral.

The clean-out pipe is often installed near the boundary between private property and the public street right-of-way. The public street right-of-way normally includes several feet on each side of a roadway.

The CAP ON THE CLEAN-OUT PIPE prevents stormwater, trash and debris from getting into the lateral and then into the public sewers. OWASA’s sanitary sewers are not designed to carry stormwater. If stormwater gets into an OWASA sewer, the stormwater may exceed the capacity of the pipe and an overflow from a manhole may result.

Debris and trash which get into a sewer may block the flow of wastewater inside the pipe and cause an overflow of wastewater.