Our Commitments to our Customers

  • To serve you positively, helpfully, fairly and efficiently.
  • To communicate with you courteously, respectfully, honestly and directly.
  • To give you our full attention in listening, understanding, and responding.
  • To give you accurate and timely information and to make sure that we "close the loop" with you when you make a request or ask a question and we cannot immediately reply.
  • To clearly explain your options when choices are available to you.
  • To put you in touch with the OWASA employee that can best meet your needs, to make sure that you are able to reach the OWASA employee we refer you to, and to make sure that you receive a complete response to your question or request.
  • To invite and value your feedback on how we can improve our services.
  • To explain how and to whom you can appeal if you disagree with a decision by OWASA staff.
  • To seek continuous improvement and efficiency in our services, facilities, and operations.
  • To remember always that the reason for OWASA's existence is to serve the community. We are here to serve you!