Committees of the OWASA Board


Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee makes reports and recommendations to the OWASA Board regarding communications with customers and other stakeholders. The Committee's members are Yinka Ayankoya, Chair; John Cooley; Jody Eimers; and John Morris. To read the Committee's goals, please click here.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, consisting of the Chair, Vice Chair and the Secretary, is empowered to act when necessary as liaison to the full Board between regular meetings of the Board and otherwise as authorized and directed by the Board.

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with staff and the overall OWASA Board to develop the annual budget and makes recommendations on other financial management matters such as selection of an outside auditor, development and revision of fiscal policies and planning debt issues. The members of the Finance Committee are Bruce Boehm, Chair; John CooleyRobert Morgan; and Bruce Runberg.

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Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee discusses and makes reports and recommendations on policies related to employment, benefits and overall compensation of OWASA employees. The Human Resources Committee's members are Robert Morgan, Chair; Yinka AyankoyaBruce Runberg; and Ruchir Vora.

Agendas and Meeting Summaries 

Natural Resources and Technical Services Committee

The Natural Resources and Technical Services Committee discusses, reports and makes recommendations to the OWASA Board regarding policy matters such as long-range planning, water conservation, sustainability, capital improvements and the use of technology. The members of the Natural Resources and Technical Services Committee are Jody EimersChair; Bruce BoehmJohn Morris and Ruchir Vora.

         Agendas and Meeting Summaries

Nominating Committee

Each spring, the Chair of the OWASA Board appoints a Nominating Committee in preparation for electing the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of the OWASA Board in June. The Nominating Committee consists of the present Chair of the Board and enough other Board members, to be appointed by the Chair, to total not less than three (3) members.  The nominations made by the Nominating Committee shall not preclude other nominations from the floor when officers are elected. The Nominating Committee advises Board Members of its nominations by mail and by e-mail not less than seven days before the day when officers are elected.  Officers are elected annually at the Board's first regular meeting in June.