A limited number of OWASA customers on the east side of Chapel Hill may notice temporary water discoloration and changes in water pressure on Tuesday, January 29th and Wednesday the 30th due to testing of connections between the City of Durham and OWASA drinking water systems.

OWASA asks customers to be aware of the following:

  • OWASA’s water will continue to be safe, but discolored water should not be used for laundry, cooking, etc.
  • Customers who notice discoloration or air bubbles in water are asked to run cold water through a bathtub faucet, etc. for 5 to 10 minutes to clear up the water. If the water does not clear up, customers are asked to contact OWASA at 919-968-4421.
  • Water pressure may drop temporarily on the east side of Chapel Hill near the Friday Center off NC 54 and near Old Durham Road west of I-40.

The testing Tuesday and Wednesday will complete a coordinated project to confirm that connections among the City of Durham, Town of Cary and OWASA drinking water systems will work properly and to check their capacity to transfer water when necessary due to severe droughts or operational emergencies. The testing project began in mid-December.

The water system connections are normally closed. They are essential for sustaining water service to a community if there is a severe drought, if maintenance or repairs affect the normal operation of a treatment plant, etc.

Customers are invited to contact OWASA at 919-968-4421 or with any questions or comments.

For more information:                                                          

John Greene, P,E., General Manager of Operations, 919-537-4218 or

Ken Loflin, Water Supply and Treatment Manager, 919-537-4232 or