Contact OWASA

To contact us about a water or sewer emergency such as an unexpected interruption of service, a wastewater overflow, etc., you can reach us at any time by calling 919-968-4421. The information below includes links (underlined names) for sending e-mail to various OWASA staff. E-mails to and from OWASA are generally public records under State law (Chapter 132 of the General Statutes). However, customer billing records, employment applications and certain other information are not public records.

Customer Service

We invite you to contact us at any time with questions, requests and comments about any of our services, policies, plans, etc. Feedback from our customers is invaluableā€”it helps us continuously improve our services!

  • Customer Service
    Phone: 919-537-4343
  • Denise Battle, Customer Service Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4293
  • Angie Smith, Billing Supervisor 
    Phone: 919-537-4263
  • Call Before You Dig
    Phone: 811
  • After Business Hours
    Phone: 919-968-4421

Water distribution and wastewater collection

  • Water and sewer pipe repairs, easements, etc.
  • Nick Rogers, Assistant Manager, Distribution and Collection Systems 
    Phone: 919-537-4269
  • Randy HortonManager, Distribution and Collection Systems 
    Phone: 919-537-4280
  • Shawn Stanley, Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 919-537-4292

Water Conservation/Sustainability

  • Mary TigerSustainability Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4241


  • Stephen Winters, CPA, Director of Finance and Customer Service
    Phone: 919-537-4230
  • Bids, other Purchasing Matters and Surplus Property Disposal
  • Kelly SatterfieldFinance and Procurement Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4238


  • Ed Kerwin, Executive Director
    Phone: 919-537-4211
  • Todd Taylor, P.E., General Manager of Operations
    Phone: 919-537-4216
  • OWASA Records
    Andrea Orbich, Executive Assistant/Clerk to the Board
    Phone: 919-537-4217


  • Linda LowCommunications and Community Relations Officer
    Phone: 919-537-4267

Board of Directors

  • OWASA Board Meetings, Minutes, Policies
    Andrea Orbich, Executive Assistant/Clerk to the Board
    Phone: 919-537-4217

View information about the Board of Directors including the meeting calendar and agendas.


  • Jones Ferry Plant, Mason Farm Wastewater Plant, Cane Creek Reservoir

Engineering and Planning

  • Major OWASA Projects
    Vishnu GangadharanCapital Improvements Program Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4248
  • Third Party (Non-OWASA) Water/Sewer Development Projects
    Jessica Godreau, Systems Development Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4244
  • Long-Range and Regional Planning and Watershed Protection
    Ruth RousePlanning and Development Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4214
  • OWASA's Standards and Specifications
    Darren Berger, Engineering Associate
    Phone: 919-537-4240
  • Fees or Permits, Fees or Tap-On Fees for New Construction, Dispatching Information to Engineers, Technicians or Inspectors
    Joe LeoEngineering Technician
    Phone: 919-537-4242                                          
  • Other General Items
    Mary Darr, P.E., Director of Engineering and Planning
    Phone: 919-537-4246

Human Resources

  • Job Openings, Human Resource Policies, Safety and Training
    Stephanie Glasgow, MESH, PHR, Director of Human Resources and Safety
    Phone: 919-537-4223
  • Kelly Belcher, Human Resources Generalist
    Phone: 919-537-4237


  • Sandra Bradshaw, Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Supervisor
    Phone: 919-537-4206
  • Katie Harrold, Water Treatment Plant Laboratory Supervisor
    Phone: 919-537-4227

Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant

  • Ken Loflin, Water Supply and Treatment Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4232

Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Monica Dodson, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Biosolids Recycling Manager
    Phone: 919-537-4205

Lake Recreation