Cut-off Policy

If your monthly bill is not paid by the time we mail you the next month's bill, late charges will be added to your account and shown on your new bill. You will receive a "reminder notice" which will inform you of the amount that is past due. The reminder notice will also include the date by which payment must be received in order to avoid service being cut-off. (You may be able to pay your bill in installments over a short period of time. Click here to learn more about installment payment arrangements.) 

If payment is not received in the Customer Service Office before the cut-off date, a $45 delinquency fee will be applied to your account and your service will be cut-off. If service is reconnected after normal business hours an additional after-hours fee will be applied. A security deposit may also be required in order to have service reconnected.

If you receive notification that your account is past due and believe there has been an error, please contact our Customer Service staff as soon as possible.