We invite you to sign up for and use our Manage My Account services including paperless billing, which reduces our costs, saves trees and reduces energy use to produce and/or recycle paper.

Our Manage My Account service includes, in addition to paperless billing:

  • Basic account information: current balance, date when the next payment is due, current and past monthly bills, and water/sewer use and billing history.
  • Monthly OWASA bills are visible in a downloadable PDF format which is essentially identical to OWASA’s printed bills.
  • Bills for past service locations are viewable.
  • Customers will receive a confirmation e-mail when they make an on-line payment through Manage My Account. The e-mail will include the amount the customer paid and the confirmation number.


1.    Please click on any of the  Manage My Account links on this page.

2.    Register by following the steps to enter your 6-digit customer number, which is printed on our paper bills as shown in the diagram below; enter your last name; create a password and username; etc.


Each month, you will receive an e-mail notice from that your bill is ready to view on our website. (Spam filters may need to be adjusted to receive e-mail from

Please call OWASA Customer Service at 537-4343 or send an e-mail to  if you have questions or comments or need help.

Customers who choose to receive a bill notice by e-mail will no longer receive paper bill mailings from OWASA. However, you can read our current and past Blue Thumb newsletters by going to the Customer Newsletter Archive on the Conservation and Education page of our website.

Customers may pay bills on-line with a VISA or MasterCard credit/debit card, and customers have the option of paying bills by automatic monthly drafts from the customer’s bank account. To sign up for automatic drafting or get more information about payment options, please contact OWASA Customer Service at 919-537-4343 or click here for the on-line sign-up form for automatic drafting.  

We also offer 24-hour telephone access to account information.  Call our Customer Service line, 537-4343, and enter your 8-digit location number and 6-digit customer number (shown in the example above) to get account information by telephone.


Heidi Lamay, Finance and Customer Service Manager, 537-4293 or