Capital Improvements Program

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) manages the design and construction of all capital projects funded by OWASA. These include projects in all operational areas — from OWASA’s reservoirs to our reclaimed-water system. Our five-year CIP is revised annually. In general, projects are funded and managed through the CIP if they are expected to cost more than $10,000 and if the installed equipment or materials have an expected lifespan of over five years.

We use a qualification-based selection process to procure engineering consulting services. We select contractors and consultants in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. Bids may be solicited through an informal or formal process, depending upon the expected value of the work and based on our needs. We select the lowest responsive and responsible bid in all instances.

Development Services Projects

Service Availability Request Form

COVID-19 Service Update: In keeping with National and State guidance, OWASA has closed its business office to visitors and enacted precautions to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Additional guidelines for development projects during the COVID-19 pandemic


While OWASA’s primary focus through this pandemic is to protect our employees while ensuring the community is provided with safe drinking water and sanitation services, we intend to continue to support the development community with their projects to the extent possible.

We will still be performing construction inspections, testing, and sampling necessary to get new lines placed into service. However, OWASA response time may be decreased. Results for new line testing will not be available as quickly as is typical and priority will be placed on sampling related to outages to minimize the time that customers will be subject to boil water advisories.

To keep field staff safe, the worksite will need to be cleared before the OWASA inspector comes on site. In addition, we are imposing strict adherence to social distancing recommendations, and require they remain 6′ from all individuals. We hope that any disruptions or delays will be minimal.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation following these measures.

“Third-party” projects are those which are designed, funded, constructed and managed by outside entities that dedicate the facilities to OWASA upon completion. Typically, these are drinking-water and wastewater projects, and they represent most of the growth of our overall system. Third-party projects must comply with our policies, ordinances and other requirements, including construction standards and specifications for public water and wastewater facilities. Three factors play into our regulatory oversight of these projects: engineering design review, construction inspection and acceptance of the new facilities.

Completed, accepted facilities, including deeds of easement, are conveyed to OWASA for ownership and maintenance.

Minority Outreach Program

At OWASA, we are committed to diversity, and we maintain a highly diverse staff. As a reflection of our commitment to diversity, this core value extends to the businesses with whom we work.

We actively encourage any and all qualified and minority-owned businesses to bid on OWASA projects. If you’ve never worked with OWASA before, you can find links to our standards, specifications, forms and more below to become more acquainted with our practices. For more information or to place a bid, email our project manager or call (919) 537-4229.


For matters relating to OWASA’s Capital Improvement Program, please email our Engineering Manager for Capital Projects or call (919) 537-4248.

For matters relating to third-party projects, please email the OWASA Engineering Manager for System Development or call (919) 537-4244.