Dobbins Dr Water and Sewer Pipe Replacement

On or about October 23, 2019 a contractor working for OWASA will begin work to replace the water and sewer pipes on Dobbins Drive as shown on the map below.  Construction may take up to 8 months to complete, subject to delays due to weather and/or unforeseen conditions.

The work will involve digging a trench, installing a new water pipe and sewer main in Dobbins Drive, installing new OWASA service connections to carry water from and sewage to the new mains, and restoring the pavement where new pipes are installed.

How the work may affect customers in the area

  • The work will involve noise, dust, and mud. Normal work hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4PM. 
  • There will be occasional night work required to safely complete the work.  During this nightwork, a temporary detour will be required.  This detour will occur only at night and traffic will be temporarily routed through neighborhood streets.  The first instance of night work is planned for early November.
  • Traffic may be slowed in the area to allow for lane closures as needed to ensure the safety of the contractor and the general public. 
  • We will temporarily interrupt water service for certain residents when the existing water services are transferred onto the new water line. We will provide advance notice to any affected customers individually.
  • The pavement over the work area may be initially rough and bumpy until final asphalt restoration has occurred.

For more information

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments and if you would like to receive future updates by e-mail. You can also sign up for e-mail updates by going to

Simon Lobdell, P.E., Project Manager,

919-537-4247 or


Project area:

Please Note – the construction area will extend to the grassed island near Erwin Road.  Previous maps were incorrect as the schedule for the work has changed and will include work on both ends of the work zone throughout the next 6 to 8 months.