Educational video on wastewater management

OWASA released a new video which explains how wastewater is collected, treated and recycled as a resource.  The five and a half minute video is on OWASA’s website,

OWASA seeks opportunities to present the video and discuss wastewater management or other OWASA-related topics. Groups which are interested in arranging a showing and meeting with OWASA representatives are invited to contact OWASA at 919-968-4421 or OWASA also welcomes the opportunity to present the video to school classes.

The video includes a footage of OWASA staff in action at the Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant and animations to illustrate treatment processes.

The video is intended to be understandable to a broad audience, with simplified illustrations to explain essential aspects of the biological, chemical and physical processes used to treat wastewater.

The video was produced by Digital P Media, based in Cary.

For more information:

  • John Kiviniemi, Manager of Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Recycling, 919-537-4352 or