Emergency Preparedness Can Help OWASA and Customers Weather the Storm

Hurricane Season officially begins on June 1 every year, but many hurricanes have made their impact in central North Carolina as the calendar turns to fall. Taking emergency preparedness steps ahead of time can help you and your family be ready for the event.

September is National Preparedness Month, and the Orange County Board of Commissioners has declared September as Orange County Preparedness Month.

OWASA takes regular steps to ensure that equipment is in working order to best deliver essential water and sewer services to customers. As storms are being tracked and forecasts call for an impact across OWASA’s service area, the OWASA Team takes additional precautionary steps to minimize service interruptions. These steps include testing generators and pumps as well as making sure enough fuel is on hand to power those generators. Just as these steps taken ahead of storms are important, the OWASA Team is also ready to respond to any incidents during the inclement weather and visits aerial sewer crossings throughout the service area to ensure that no trees or other items have damaged sewer lines during the storm. You can learn more about OWASA’s emergency prep steps in this series of videos.

You can take steps as well to prepare ahead of storms should your service be impacted during the severe weather. These steps include having an emergency kit and registering for OC Alerts. By signing up for OC Alerts, you can provide the best contact information for OWASA to communicate directly with you by text, email, or phone call.

OWASA invests in the community’s water and sewer infrastructure to provide reliable service to customers, but taking these steps can help keep you informed and safe should you experience a service interruption.