Ending Service

Closing Your OWASA Account

To end OWASA service, you may:

  • Click here to use our on-line form or visit our office at 400 Jones Ferry Road in Carrboro during our normal business hours (8 AM to 5 PM weekdays).
  • Send us a written request by mail or fax to our office or by e-mail to customerinquiries@owasa.org. Our fax number is 919-968-4464.
  • Call us at 919-537-4343.

Please indicate the date when you want your service disconnected*, your current address, your forwarding address (for sending you our final bill/applicable refund), phone number and account number.

*Please note: We will disconnect your service as soon as practical after receiving your request. Normally, the earliest we will be able to disconnect service will be on the business day after we receive your request. Water disconnection may occur as early as 8:00 A.M. Please give us notice a week in advance if possible.

When we disconnect our service, we will take a final meter reading and turn the meter off (unless we have a new application for service). Normally within two weeks, we will apply your security deposit (if we have one) to your account balance and will mail you a final bill or a refund check if your deposit was higher than your final bill.

If we receive an application from someone else for new service at your address before the disconnection date you requested, we will read the meter in order to prepare a final bill to you instead of turning off the water service.

If you move and someone else will remain in the apartment or house, etc., it is still necessary to contact us to have your name removed from the water/sewer account. If you leave your name on an account, you will continue to be legally responsible for paying the bills even if you no longer reside in or use the apartment, house or business location.