Energy Management

2019 Energy Management Plan Update (pdf)

OWASA reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 40% and is saving over $400,000 per yer

The Board of Directors and staff of OWASA recognize that the use of energy at our facilities impacts land, water, and air resources, and our use of fossil fuel contributes to increased greenhouse gas emissions, which have been linked to increasing climate variability which threatens human and environmental health on a global scale.  Our use of energy is also a direct expense to our customers – it costs us about $1.1 million a year. 

To reduce costs and the environmental impacts of our operations, we have launched an organizational-wide Energy Management Program to meet the energy goals and objectives set by the OWASA Board of Directors:

  • Reduce use of purchased electricity by 35% by the end of Calendar Year 2022 compared to the Calendar Year 2010 baseline
  • Reduce use of purchased natural gas by 5% by the end of Calendar Year 2020 compared to the Calendar Year 2010 baseline
  • Beneficially use all Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) biogas, provided the preferred strategy is projected to have a positive payback within the expected useful life of the required equipment
  • Formally engage local governments and partners in discussion about potential development of biogas-to-energy projects at the Mason Farm WWTP

We Value Your Participation and Feedback in Our Energy Management Efforts

We welcome and appreciate your interest and participation as we develop an Energy Management Plan.  An important goal for us is to keep the community and interested stakeholders informed of our progress, and to provide opportunities for you to share your comments, questions, and feedback before adoption of a plan. 

How to Get Involved and Stay Informed 

If you’d like more information or have comments for us, please contact: