For Property Managers

OWASA offers property managers and owners an arrangement by which responsibility for a water and sewer account will be automatically transferred to the property manager or owner when a tenant moves out (unless service is disconnected for non-payment). The purpose of the arrangement is to:

  • Prevent interruption of water and sewer service to a rental unit from the time one tenant moves out until another tenant moves in.
  • Make water and sewer services available without requiring property managers or owners to set up a new account and pay the normal service initiation fee when a tenant leaves.

The property manager or owner authorizes OWASA to process a record change whenever a tenant gives notice to OWASA that the tenant is moving out and wishes to close his or her account. Upon receiving notification from the tenant, OWASA will:

  • Perform a final meter reading, normally on the day the tenant gives as the move-out date;
  • Mail a final bill for water and sewer services through the reading date to the former tenant at his or her forwarding address; and
  • Set up an account in the name of the property manager or owner using the final meter reading for the tenant as the beginning reading date for the new account.

The property manager or owner agrees for the water and sewer services to be provided in accordance with the applicable rate structure plus a charge of $10.00 (amount subject to change) for the transfer of the account to the owner's/manager's name.

The property manager or owner must notify OWASA immediately when a property has been sold or when a tenant is evicted.

The terms of the agreement do not apply when OWASA must turn off the tenant's water and sewer service for non-payment of the tenant's bill. If service is turned off under these circumstances, the property manager must pay the normal service connection fee of $45 (amount subject to change) to re-establish service.

The agreement between OWASA and a property manager/owner will stay in effect until OWASA receives written notification from the property manager or owner to terminate it.

Agreement with a Property Owner/Manager regarding Service to Rental Property When a Tenant Moves Out - download this agreement (PDF) and return the completed form to us by fax, email or in-person.