Care to Share

Water is one of the most essential needs. While we make our services as affordable as possible, there are some people in our community who struggle financially and need help paying their water bill — or can’t afford it at all.

Care to Share is our customer assistance program. Through the Care to Share program, you can donate and help families in need pay their water and wastewater bill when they can’t. Contributions are administered by the Inter-Faith Council for Social Services (IFC), a non-profit agency supporting the community since 1963.

Contribute monthly through your OWASA bill.

Add a fixed amount to your monthly bill or round up your bill to the nearest dollar.

Make a lump-sum gift.

You can donate a one-time gift of any dollar amount through the IFC.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are donations to the Care to Share program tax deductible?

Because IFC is a 501(c)(3) charity and OWASA is a public agency, donations may be deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

Can OWASA reduce rates for families in need or cancel their bills?

Unfortunately, State law forbids OWASA from reducing rates or directly providing bill assistance to low-income customers. All our customers must be charged for our costs to serve them.

Can funds from the Care to Share program be used to repair leaks or to install water-conserving fixtures in the homes of families in need?

No. Care to Share funds may only be used to help customers in need pay their water and wastewater bill.

Does OWASA deduct any administrative expenses from Care to Share donations?

No. Your full donated amount goes directly to help others pay their water bill.