Starting on Wednesday, November, 16th, a contractor hired by OWASA will clean and inspect the water tank at Hilltop Lane near the west end of Cameron Avenue in Chapel Hill. The cleaning, which is part of normal maintenance work to maintain high quality water service, will likely take 2 to 3 days.

The cleaning should not affect water quality, pressures or flows to customers because other tanks in the OWASA water system will remain full and in normal operation during the work on the tank.

In preparation for the cleaning and inspection, OWASA will drain the water tank on Monday, November 14th. OWASA will use an additive to neutralize the disinfectant in OWASA water (“chloramines,” a compound of chlorine and ammonia) so the disinfectant will not harm fish or amphibians.

After the tank is cleaned, it will be disinfected and OWASA’s Laboratory staff will check water samples before the tank is returned to service. The water tank will likely be full and in normal operation by Tuesday, November 22.

Weather or other conditions could affect the work schedule.

OWASA has notified the Chapel Hill and Carrboro Fire Departments about plans to drain and clean the water tank.

For more information:

Ken Loflin, Water Supply and Treatment Manager, 537-4232 or kloflin@owasa.org