Inspecting Backflow Prevention Devices Important in Protecting Water Quality

Maintaining the community’s water and wastewater infrastructure is a critical piece of the work that OWASA does, but it’s truly a team effort with the community to make sure we’re all taking the necessary steps to keep these systems running safely and optimally. 

A key piece of that maintenance is having your water backflow prevention device checked every year. Backflow can occur when there is a pressure decrease in the water system, which can cause a possible contamination eventReduced pressure can happen when there is a water line break, during firefighting operations drawing large water supplies from hydrants, or other similar instances.

To avoid non-drinking water making its way into the community’s water lines, it is required that backflow prevention devices be placed in locations with irrigation systems or swimming pools. Commercial customers are also responsible for backflow maintenance to help protect the community’s infrastructure. It is an OWASA requirement that customers with backflow devices have them checked annually to ensure they are working properly. This backflow prevention program is designed to protect the public drinking water supply.

You can find a list of OWASA-certified backflow testers here. For more information or if you are unsure if you have a backflow preventer please email Mike Smith or call 919-537-4251.