Lake recreation season will end on weekend of Nov. 8th and 9th

The 2014 recreation season will end at the Cane Creek Reservoir on Saturday, November 8th.

At University Lake, Sunday, November 9th will be the last day of the recreation season.

The current recreation hours for the lakes are:

  • University Lake: Saturday and Sunday          6:30 AM – 5 PM

  • Cane Creek Reservoir:Friday and Saturday   6:30 AM – 5 PM

Johnny Riley, OWASA’s Senior Lake Warden, said “On behalf of the OWASA lake staff, we thank the many patrons who have visited us and enjoyed our fishing, boating and other recreation opportunities in 2014.”

“We especially thank our lake patrons for being mindful of safety at all times. We look forward to the 2015 lake recreation, which is scheduled to start in March.”

For more information:

Johnny Riley, Senior Lake Warden, or 919-942-5790

OWASA webpage on lake recreation or go to, and click on What we Do and then on Recreation