Lake season to end weekend of November 7-8; off-season birdwatching on Wednesday mornings at the Cane Creek Reservoir will begin on November 11

The 2015 lake recreation season will end at the Cane Creek Reservoir on Saturday, November 7, and the season will end at University Lake on Sunday, November 8.

The current lake recreation days and hours are:

  • University Lake            Friday, Saturday, Sunday   6:30 AM – 5 PM
  • Cane Creek Reservoir   Friday and Saturday           6:30 AM –5  PM

Johnny Riley, OWASA’s Senior Lake Warden, said “We on the OWASA lake staff have thoroughly enjoyed serving the many patrons who came to enjoy the fishing, boating and other lake recreation in 2015. We look forward to seeing our lake patrons again next spring.”

Off-season birdwatching on Wednesday mornings at the Cane Creek Reservoir

The OWASA Board of Directors recently approved a new program of birdwatching at the Cane Creek Reservoir on Wednesday mornings (7 to 11 AM) from November 11, 2015 to March 16, 2016.

There will be no charge for birdwatching from public areas at the reservoir. Access to the lake for recreation will be through the entrance on the north side of NC 54 west of Stanford Road. Boating will not be allowed.

The OWASA Board will review the birdwatching program next year.

For more information:

Johnny Riley, Senior Lake Warden, or 919-942-5790

Please visit the OWASA webpage on lake recreation or go to, and click on What We Do and then on Recreation