Mayors Save Water Challenge

Community declares Agua Vista winner of Mayors #SaveWater Challenge

In less than two months, over 3,700 water accounts in Chapel Hill and Carrboro have registered for OWASA’s Agua Vista Web Portal. Registering for Agua Vista is one of the most proactive ways that Chapel Hill and Carrboro residents and businesses can save the community’s water today and for years to come. As the water and wastewater provider for both Chapel Hill and Carrboro, a win for OWASA is a win for the entire community.

With Agua Vista, OWASA customers can track water use and get customized tips on how to conserve water. Agua Vista also provides proactive leak notification to help identify leaks before they create a high bills or property damage. Agua Vista is a free service for OWASA customers. Agua Vista means “water in sight.” When we see how much water we use and can save, the more we can sustain this vital resource together.

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