Mayors Save Water Challenge

Throughout April: pledge, conserve & save!

Chapel Hill and Carrboro are facing off in a friendly and fun community competition! The ultimate challenge: which Town can conserve the most water?

On World Water Day, Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger challenged Carrboro Mayor Lydia Lavelle to see which community can save the most water throughout April.
Help crown your town the Water Winner in 3 easy steps:
  1. (1) Take the Save Water pledge
  2. (2) Conserve water at home, school, and work
  3. (3) Track your water use with Agua Vista
Step 1: Take the Save Water pledge. The town that collects the largest percentage of pledges through April 30 will win. We’ll track the number of pledges versus the number of people that live and work in each Town and declare the winner.
Step 2: Conserve water. When you take the pledge, you’ll commit to a water-saving action inside or outside your home. For example, taking shorter showers (saving 300 gallons of water per month), or using a broom instead of a hose to sweep the sidewalk (saving 100 gallons per month). You can also commit to taking action to protect your community’s water.
Step 3: Track your water use! OWASA account holders can register for Agua Vista, the new web portal where you can track your water use and set leak alerts – savings for the planet and your pocketbook! Agua Vista offers OWASA customers the convenience of managing your water needs all in one place – from tracking hourly water use to paying your water bill and more.
The winning community – Chapel Hill or Carrboro – will be announced on Friday, May 3, at the end of the campaign. Let’s have a bit of fun as we focus our attention on the importance of our most valuable natural resource – WATER
Take the Save Water pledge now! Get in on the challenge: tell friends and family and see who can save the most. Plus, great ideas are worth social sharing. #SaveWater with @ChapelHillGov @ CarrboroTownGov @OWASA1
For more information about the Mayors Save Water Challenge:
  • Chapel Hill Mayor’s Office at 919-968-2714 or
  • Carrboro Town Clerk's Office at 

For more information about Agua Vista:

  • Mary Tiger, OWASA Sustainability Manager, 919-537-4241