Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We are a community-owned utility providing our customers high quality and reliable water, wastewater, and reclaimed water services through responsible and creative stewardship of the resources we manage.

Our Vision

We provide excellent service so that if our customers could choose their water utility, they would always select OWASA. We are a trusted steward of the community, environmental, and financial resources we manage.

Our Values

  • Quality Drinking Water

We provide high quality drinking water through effective management and operation of our water supply, treatment, and distribution system.

  • Environmental Responsibility

We protect the environment through effective management and operation of our wastewater collection, treatment, water reuse, and resource recovery systems. We manage our resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Excellence in Serving Customers

We provide excellent service to our customers. We are leaders in engaging our customers and stakeholders and provide them meaningful opportunities to participate in decisions that are important to them.

  • Employees

We value our employees as our most important resource and we provide them competitive compensation and a safe and rewarding work environment which promotes diversity and equal opportunity for all.

  • Affordability and Value

We provide affordable and high-value services and we are committed to continuous improvement.

  • Sustainability

We embrace the principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. We strive to make the highest and best use of our local water resources and to promote conservation of water, energy, and other natural resources.

  • Support for the Communities We Serve

We provide services consistent with the growth management and land use plans of the Town of Carrboro, the Town of Chapel Hill, and Orange County. We maintain open and positive communications with our governments and neighboring water utilities and cooperate in regional initiatives where appropriate and consistent with OWASA’s commitment to our member governments.

  • Innovation and Creativity

We seek innovation and creativity in accomplishing our mission and enhancing our services.