New Fees Aimed at Increasing Efficiency with Third-Party Projects

As part of the latest approved rate adjustment by the OWASA Board of Directors, some fee adjustments have been made that will primarily impact third-party developers and contractors.

The new fees cover partial certifications, reinspection or retesting, and short-notice rescheduling.

Partial Certifications

If a project requires Partial Certification to place a portion of the project into service before the overall project is completed, a Partial Certification fee will be charged. The Partial Certification fee is $225 for each additional submittal to the State. Fees will be paid before the Partial Certification is submitted to the State.


A fee will be applied to each reinspection or retesting that is required after the initial testing or sampling event for the component being tested, except for Purity Sample Resampling. The additional fee for Purity Sample Resampling will go into effect following the second sampling event. The fee breakdown is below:

  • Purity Sample Resampling (after second failure): $600 plus $150 per sample location
  • Water Pressure Retest: $225 per additional test
  • Gravity Sewer Air Testing and Flashing Retest: $75 per section tested
  • Manhole Vacuum Retest: $75 per additional test
Short-Notice Rescheduling

If a contractor fails to cancel an appointment at least one business hour ahead of the agreed upon time and is not prepared to conduct testing, a short-notice rescheduling fee of $75 will be assessed. Fees will be paid before the reinspection or retesting will be scheduled.

New fees and fee adjustments went into effect October 1, 2021.