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Monica Dodson Steps Up as OWASA's New Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Recycling Manager 

Monday, May 21, 2018 8:25:00 AM
May 21, 2018 - Monica Dodson dropped the "Interim" from her title and is now officially OWASA's Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Recycling Manager. In her new role, Monica will oversee the Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Facility and OWASA's... read more

OWASA's Manning Drive Drinking Water Tank Restored to Service with New School Spirit 

Friday, May 4, 2018 9:31:00 AM
May 4, 2018 - After four months of regular maintenance and painting, OWASA restored service to its Manning Drive Elevated Drinking Water Tank on April 27, 2018. The water tower, located on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel... read more

OWASA Board of Directors invites comments on proposed budget and rates in public hearings on Thursday, May 24th; a 2% increase in monthly water and sewer rates is proposed 

Friday, April 27, 2018 9:41:00 AM
April 27, 2018 - All citizens are cordially invited to comment in the OWASA Board's public hearings on the proposed Fiscal Year 2019 (July 2018 – June 2019) budget, rates, and capital program on Thursday, May 24th at 7pm in the Chapel Hill Town... read more

Meter Upgrades are Underway 

OWASA’s Agua Vista Program Will Enhance Water Service for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Community
Monday, April 2, 2018 9:59:00 AM

OWASA customers are beginning to receive notification of upcoming meter upgrades as part of OWASA’s Agua Vista Metering Initiative. OWASA expects to upgrade about 1,500-1,800 meters per month and to finish upgrading all meters by June 2019.

... read more

OWASA invites comment on proposed reductions in system development fees 

Friday, March 16, 2018 3:03:00 PM
In our continuing effort to provide affordable and high-value services to our current and future customers and in response to a new law passed by the North Carolina General Assembly, OWASA has recalculated its system development fees. OWASA... read more

OWASA Temporarily Removes Manning Drive Drinking Water Tank from Service for Regular Maintenance and Painting 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 4:24:00 PM

On Monday December 11, 2017, the OWASA Manning Drive Elevated Drinking Water Tank on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will be taken out of service for regular maintenance and painting.

... read more

OWASA's water surpasses Federal and State standards; water testing kits mailed to customers are from a private company 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 10:06:00 AM
November 1, 2017 OWASA said Wednesday that several customers have contacted OWASA after receiving water testing kits in the mail from a private company. The private company and its mailers are not affiliated with OWASA. In light of the... read more

Educational video on wastewater management 

Friday, May 26, 2017 2:39:00 PM
OWASA released a new video which explains how wastewater is collected, treated and recycled as a resource. The five and a half minute video is on OWASA’s website, OWASA seeks opportunities to present the video and discuss... read more

OWASA's plan to continue reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 10:07:00 AM
May 3, 2017 The OWASA Board of Directors recently adopted the utility’s first energy management plan. The plan supports OWASA’s commitment to comprehensively reduce its use of energy and increase use of renewable energy sources and specifically... read more

Timeline of OWASA and Orange Co. Health Department actions in February water emergency 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 12:01:00 PM
Timeline of Actions Taken by OWASA and the Orange County Health Department in Regards to the February 2017 Water Emergency On February 2, 2017, OWASA’s water supply was disrupted by an over-feed of fluoride at its water treatment plant on the... read more
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