News release-- on-line services

OWASA is offering additional on-line account services to customers, including:

  • e-mail notices of monthly bills, with a link to a secure website with the bill information,
  • access to account information including water use and billing history and
  • electronic bill payment.

“We are very pleased to offer these services to our customers,” said Dan Przybyl, OWASA’s Director of Information Technology. He noted that the utility has received numerous requests from customers who want the convenience of on-line account services.”

“Over the past two years, as we have upgraded the information technology infrastructure at OWASA, we have consistently worked towards providing this capability. While this initial on-line capability is an important step, we will continue to improve our on-line services.”

“There is no charge to the customer for using these on-line services, and we will save time, postage, paper and other costs by reducing the need to mail paper bills,” said Jane Showerman, OWASA’s Customer Service Manager.

The cost of printing and mailing one paper bill is about 52 cents, so the annual savings for every 1,000 customers who eliminate paper bills is about $6,200.

How to register and get paperless billing:

1.    On the OWASA website,, simply click on “Manage My Account,” sign-in and select E-Billing under the Preferences tab.


2.    (The first time you visit our secure on-line account services pages, you will need to go through a brief, one-time registration process.)

The registration process will involve using your 6-digit customer number, which is listed on OWASA bills as shown in the diagram below.

3.    Each month, you will receive an e-mail notice from that your bill is ready to view on our website. Please adjust your spam filters to accept e-mail from

4.    Please call OWASA Customer Service at 537-4343 or send an e-mail to if you have questions or comments or need any help.

Customers who choose to receive a bill notice by e-mail will no longer receive paper bill mailings from OWASA.

Account information on line includes:

  • Current balance,
  • Date when the next payment is due,
  • Current and past monthly bills and
  • Water/sewer use and billing history.

Customers will also continue to have the option of making on-line bill payments with a VISA or MasterCard credit/debit card.


Stephen Winters, Director of Finance and Customer Service, 537-4230 or

Ms. Jane Showerman, Customer Service Manager, 537-4293 or