From May 24, 2021, through June 4, 2021, OWASA surplus equipment will be sold via GovDeals, an online auction service provider.

OWASA updates 2021 lake recreation guidance to allow additional visitors and additional opportunities for visiting Cane Creek Reservoir and University Lake.

Pitcher of Water

OWASA will complete its annual switch to using chlorine to disinfect drinking water and return to using chloramines at 8 a.m. on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant

Orange Water and Sewer Authority will use Orange County’s declared State of Emergency as guidance for resuming standard collection practices. Under standard procedures, if a customer does not pay two consecutive bills, their service is disconnected.

OWASA’s Board of Directors met virtually considering an agenda that included draft Fiscal Year 2022 operating and capital equipment budgets.