Our offices will close early on January 22nd; essential services will be staffed

Due to the forecast of a major winter storm, OWASA will close its offices on Friday, January 22, 2016.

However, OWASA’s Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant and Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant will be fully staffed, and personnel will be on duty to respond to leaks in OWASA’s drinking water pipes and to wastewater overflows.

Response time will depend on conditions and the need for safety. Customers are encouraged to report water/sewer emergencies by calling OWASA’s 24-hour number, 919-968-4421.

OWASA has generators to sustain operation of the treatment plants and at water and wastewater pumping facilities if normal power is interrupted.

For information on protecting water pipes from freezing, please click here.

Customers with internet access may pay an OWASA bill through the Manage My Account part of the OWASA website. (It is necessary to register with the customer’s 6-digit OWASA customer number to use this feature.)

For more information:

Greg Feller, Public Affairs, 919-537-4267 or gfeller@owasa.org