Our Water Meter

Our water meter registers the amount of water use in your home, business, etc. Normally, we use the readings from your water meter to determine the volume of your sanitary sewer use. In other words, we assume the volume of water discharged into the sanitary sewer system equals the amount of drinking water that came through the meter to your location. However, for individually-metered residential customers, the maximum charge for sewer use is for 15,000 gallons per month. (We do not bill for sewer use higher than 15,000 gallons per month at an individually-metered residence.)

Our meter does not indicate the type of water use (unless the meter is for irrigation-only service) or where water goes after passing through the meter. Our meter is in a small box in the ground, usually at or near the boundary between a customer's property and the street right-of-way.

We read our meters once a month, but weather and other conditions may affect our schedule.

To help our meter readers work safely and efficiently, please keep the meter area clear of garbage cans, boxes, yard waste, vehicles, etc. and please do not install fences or plant trees or shrubs which would restrict access to our meter. We appreciate your cooperation!

Meter Maintenance

We check our meters periodically to be sure they are working correctly and we make repairs / replacements as necessary. However, if you believe that our meter is not working properly, you may request to have the meter tested. If our meter has not been tested in the past five years OR if we find that the meter is inaccurate by more than plus or minus 1.5%, you will not be charged a fee for testing and we will replace the meter. (Click here for more information about charges for meter testing.)

Meter replacement

We replace meters which are 20 years old. When your meter is changed, an OWASA meter shop employee will come to your door to talk with you, if you are available, and will leave a tag notifying you that your water will be turned off briefly while our meter is changed. You will not be charged individually for the cost of replacing a meter; costs for replacing meters under our normal replacement program are covered in the fees we collect from all OWASA customers.