At 9:15 AM on Tuesday, January 31st, an OWASA crew responded to an overflow of untreated wastewater from a sewer manhole at the Park at Chapel Hill apartments in the 1200 block of Ephesus Church Road.

The overflow, which was stopped at 9:35 AM, resulted from an accumulation of grease which blocked the flow of wastewater in a sewer. OWASA estimated the volume of the overflow was about 200 gallons based on the known duration of the spill.

The wastewater spill occurred in the Booker Creek drainage basin. The OWASA crew disinfected and flushed the area of the spill with water.

OWASA encourages customers to safely dispose of fat, oil and grease (FOG) to help prevent wastewater overflows. Residents can dispose of routine amounts of household fat and grease with trash that goes to the landfill. Used cooking oil can be recycled in Orange County’s Household Hazardous Waste program at the landfill at 1514 Eubanks Road north of Chapel Hill.

OWASA reported the spill to the NC Division of Water Quality, which is reviewing the matter.

For more information:

Thurman Green, Collection and Distribution Systems Manager, 537-4224 or tgreen@owasa.org

Greg Feller, Public Affairs, 537-4267 (office) or 369-0404 (mobile); gfeller@owasa.org