OWASA personnel responded at about 2 PM on Thursday, March 1, 201 to a spill of untreated wastewater from a manhole near Caswell Road (south of Estes Drive). An estimated 200 gallons of wastewater reached a tributary of Bolin Creek in the Cape Fear River Basin.

The overflow was stopped at about 2:30 pm. 

OWASA flushed and disinfected the spill area. The overflow was partly contained with straw bales, and some of the wastewater was therefore pumped back into the OWASA sewer system.

OWASA learned of the spill from a citizen who called the utility. The cause of the spill is unknown.

OWASA staff provided information regarding the spill to the NC Division of Water Quality, which is reviewing the matter.  

For more information:

Thurman Green, Manager of Collection and Distribution Systems, 537-4224 (office) or 818-6079 (mobile); e-mail: tgreen@owasa.org

Randy Horton, Assistant Manager of Collection and Distribution Systems, 537-4280 (office) or 369-1957 (mobile); e-mail: rhorton@owasa.org