OWASA’s landline phone service will be interrupted on Saturday April 14, 2018


Customers with service emergencies can reach OWASA at 919-369-1460

On Saturday April 14, 2018, OWASA’s telephone lines, including 919-968-4421 and numbers starting with the prefix 919-537-xxxx, will not be working.

Customers with service emergencies can reach OWASA staff by calling 919-369-1460.

Customers can access account information and pay bills by visiting www.owasa.org and selecting “Manage my Account” or by calling 877-229-0701.

Customers with general inquiries can email OWASA at info@owasa.org or OWASA staff directly at emails listed on OWASA’s website. Please do not email with an emergency; call 919-369-1460 to report a service emergency.

The outage is due to a scheduled improvement at OWASA’s Administration Building. OWASA expects the outage to last from 7:00AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday April 14, 2018. We will issue an additional announcement if, due to unforeseen circumstances, the telephone outage will last longer than expected.


OWASA regrets the inconvenience to customers.