OWASA Achieves Award for Commitment to High-Quality Drinking Water

OWASA has been awarded the 15-year Director’s Award by the Partnership for Safe Water for OWASA’s Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

The Partnership for Safe Water Program is a national program focused on improving the quality of water delivered to customers by optimizing water system operations and improving performance above and beyond regulatory levels. This award highlights OWASA’s commitment to providing high-quality drinking water to the Carrboro and Chapel Hill communities.

OWASA’s WTP began participating in the Partnership in 2002, and the program furthers OWASA’s culture to strive for continuous improvement. OWASA was one of the first WTP plants in North Carolina to achieve Partnership for Safe Water recognition and has been honored by the Partnership multiple times over the years with the Director’s Award in 2005, the Excellence in Water Treatment Award in 2011, and now the 15-year Director’s Award for maintaining the commitment to improved water quality, among other designations.

OWASA is passionate about the Partnership program and the positive impacts it has had on our operational performance, our organization’s culture, and providing excellent service to our community. Outside of the work with the Partnership at the WTP, OWASA is also an active participant in and has received awards for Partnership programs focused on the water distribution system and wastewater treatment.

The Partnership for Safe Water is an alliance of six drinking water organizations including the American Water Works Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Association of Safe Drinking Water Administrators, the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, the National Association of Water Companies, and the Water Research Foundation.

You can read more about OWASA’s water treatment process in the Annual Water Quality Report Card.