OWASA Board approves conditions for Mountains-to-Sea Trail on OWASA land near the Cane Creek Reservoir

On Thursday night, August 25th, the OWASA Board of Directors approved the use of OWASA land for the Mountains-to-Sea Trail (MST).

“We are delighted to partner with the community and provide access to the natural beauty that lies hidden and protected near Cane Creek Reservoir, a critically important resource today and for our future generations,” remarked John Young, Chair of the Board.

“OWASA Board Members and staff deeply appreciate the participation of many residents in our decision process. The information and insights we received were invaluable. We encourage residents to continue in the public process as Orange County moves forward with developing and proposing a specific trail route on OWASA land and other areas of Orange County.”

The OWASA Board took action Thursday after a deliberate, thoughtful and open engagement process over the past few months. The Board considered about 50 oral comments by residents in meetings on June 23rdand August 25th and about 60 written comments. About 80 residents of Orange County and the surrounding area expressed their views.

The OWASA Board prescribed conditions in the resolution adopted Thursday night to ensure the plans and implementation of the trail:

  • Protect water quality in the Cane Creek Reservoir,
  • Use no OWASA funds for the trail, and
  • Mitigate risks associated with hikers using OWASA property.

Arrangements with Orange County and the specific trail alignment on OWASA land will require final approval by the OWASA Board in order to safeguard these objectives.

Please click here to read the resolution adopted by the OWASA Board.

Background information

The MST is a 1,000-mile trail from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks.  Orange County is working with other agencies and the public to develop specific plans for the MST in Orange County.  OWASA owns land in the County’s trail planning corridor.

For more information:

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