OWASA Board Approves Resolution Affirming Diversity and Inclusion Values and Supporting a Community Free of Hatred

OWASA is angered and saddened at the unjust deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans in tragic circumstances and the broader inequities that underlie our society.

OWASA values our diversity. The work of OWASA’s Diversity and Inclusion Program, which has been in place since 2016, has led to the implementation of new training for staff and Board members as well as the updating of policies and practices to further promote diversity and inclusion.

The OWASA Board has committed to continue encouraging and investing in the growth and understanding of all OWASA Team members to promote and sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace.

In that effort, the OWASA Board approved a resolution at a virtual meeting on Thursday, June 11, affirming OWASA’s Diversity and Inclusion values and support of a community free of hatred.

OWASA supports the statements and actions by our community governmental leaders regarding racial injustice.

The full resolution text is below:

Resolution Affirming Orange Water and Sewer Authority’s Diversity and Inclusion Values and Supporting a Community Free of Hatred 

WhereasOrange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) values a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming workplace and community and is committed to treating employeescustomers, and all people with respect and dignity; and 

Whereaswe are angered and saddened by the unjust deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans in tragic circumstances and the broader inequities that underlie our society; and 

Whereas, OWASA Team Members share our essential responsibility to ensure a workplace free of racism, discrimination, or any unprofessional behavior; and

Whereas, OWASA has been working together as a team to embrace diversity and inclusion in everything we do and has had an active Diversity and Inclusion Program since 2016 that has provided training for staff and Board members and has resulted in updated policies and practices to promote diversity and inclusion; and 

WhereasOWASA is taking further intentional steps to further increase its diversity and inclusion training for OWASA staff and Board members. These actions include past and present work to foster an environment to encourage the difficult but important conversations that can help lead to increased understanding and appreciation for different ideas, cultures, and personal histories; and 

WhereasOWASA is proud to serve the CarrboroChapel Hill, and southern Orange County community and supports the statements and actions by our community leaders on racial injustice. 

Now, Therefore be it Resolved by the Board of Directors that: 

  1. OWASA will continue to encourage and invest in the growth and understanding of all OWASA Team Members to promote and sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace. 
  2. OWASA supports the recent statements and actions by our community governmental leaders regarding racial injustice. 


Adopted this 11th day of June 2020.