OWASA Celebrates Fix a Leak Week

This week is “Fix a Leak Week,” which is celebrated every year by the Environmental Protection Agency and water utilities across the country.

National studies estimate that between 10 and 12 percent of water used across the country is lost to leaks, with toilets, faucets, and outdoor spigots being the main culprits. These leaks waste water and your money.

In this time of “social distancing,” OWASA has the tools for you to identify and fix leaks without having anyone come to your house. The Agua Vista web portal tracks your water use and will proactively alert you to leaks, giving you the chance to fix it before you would have realized it was an issue. That can save money on your monthly water bill and on costly repairs.

Register today, so that your leak alert goes to your correct email and/or phone number. While you are there, take a deep dive into the data and find areas where you might be able to conserve water use. Remember, when you save water, you save money.

Screenshot of Leak Identification and Repair Guidance in Agua Vista