OWASA responds to wastewater overflow from pump station near Providence Road in Chapel Hill

October 18, 2017

OWASA responded on Wednesday morning, October 18th to a spill of untreated wastewater found at an OWASA pump station near Providence Road, which is near Eastowne Drive in Chapel Hill.

OWASA estimates that the overflow totaled about 18,000 gallons during its known duration from 7:30 AM to 7:40 AM. The overflow occurred because of a separation in temporary piping used during work at the pump station.  The spill occurred in an area that drains to New Hope Creek.

OWASA cleaned the spill area, contained the wastewater when the spill was found in the creek area, and is pumping the wastewater back to the sewer system. OWASA is also testing creek water in the area downstream of the spill.

OWASA staff provided information about the overflow to the NC Division of Water Resources, which is reviewing the matter.

For more information:

Randy Horton, Manager, Wastewater Collection and Drinking Water Distribution Systems, 919-537-4280 or rhorton@owasa.org